Special Exhibition
Secrets of the Fallen Pagoda: Treasures from Famen Temple and the Tang Court
17 January to 4 May 2014
Asian Civilisations Museum
$12; $8 for Singaporeans and PRs

The capital of Tang China (618 - 907), Chang'an (present day Xi'an), was a hub for economic and cultural exchange. Nearby lies the Famen Temple, one of the most revered Buddhist sites in China. A finger bone relic of the Buddha and magnificent Tang dynasty objects of gold, silver, ceramics, and glass were sealed within an underground crypt there. For more than 1000 years, these treasures were forgotten until their chance discovery in 1987. Together with objects from other leading museums in Shaanxi, this exhibition is a rare showcase of Tang aesthetics and culture for the first time in Southeast Asia.

This exhibition is co-organised with Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau and Shaanxi Cultural Heritage Promotion Centre, People's Republic of China

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