What's on for Tertiary Schools

Programmes designed for ACM’s Special Exhibition Guo Pei: Chinese Art and Couture
17 June to 15 September 2019

Guo Pei - Chinese Art and Couture

Guo Pei is one of China’s leading couturières – high fashion designer and dressmaker. Every Guo Pei dress tells a story – about legends and fairytales, Chinese imperial culture, nature, and even life itself. Her designs reflect her Beijing childhood, overseas experiences, and ideas about art.

This exhibition explores 29 Guo Pei creations from the angle of Chinese historical and contemporary design, juxtaposed with artworks in the collection of the Asian Civilisations Museum.

Go on a guided or self-guided tour of this exhibition, pick up a trail booklet, or explore our activity space! Book a visit with us today.

Guided tour (Guo Pei: Chinese Art and Couture edition)

English and Mandarin tours available.

Discover the inspiring designs by China’s leading couturiere Guo Pei in a 1-hour guided tour.

Self-Guided tour (Guo Pei: Chinese Art and Couture edition)

Explore the exhibition on your own with your students. You can pick up a trail booklet that inspires close-looking and writing activities, drop by the activity space at the Level 2 Foyer for some hands-on fun, or come sketch in our gallery!

Recommended duration: 1 hour
Time: Mondays to Fridays, 10am to 6pm
Booking is required. Museum admission charges still apply.

*Please bring your own pencils, sketchpads, and kneaded erasers for sketching. Only pencils are allowed – other non-reversible mediums of drawing are not permitted within the galleries.

Art-making workshop with guided tour (Guo Pei: Chinese Art and Couture edition)
*Available from July 2019 onwards

Discover inspiring designs by China’s leading couturiere Guo Pei in a 45-minute guided tour. Then create and take home an artwork inspired by the exhibition in a 45-minute art-making workshop!

Duration: 90 minutes
Time: Mondays to Fridays, 10am-4pm
Cost: $15-$25 per student. Museum admission charges still apply.
Capacity: Minimum 20 students, Maximum 80 students per session

For enquiries and bookings, please e-mail nhb_acm_edu@nhb.gov.sg

Please note that workshop bookings should be made at least 4 weeks in advance, and are subject to the availability of our museum facilitators and venues. All tours have to be booked by the 7th of the month before. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, and guided tours are subject to the availability of our museum guides.

Guided Tours

Discover the connections between the diverse culture of Asia, and how the trade, interactions of people, and exchanges of ideas have influenced art in Asia. These tours are led by our volunteer docents.

Introduction to Ancestral Cultures or Cross-cultural Art (choose one)
60 minutes
Mondays to Fridays
Hourly between 10am to 4pm
Suitable for tertiary level students

Tours are customisable according to age group. Please complete this school booking form and email us at nhb_acm_edu@nhb.edu.sg to book a guided tour.


Self-guided Visits

Please e-mail our education team at least 4 weeks in advance to book a slot for a self-guided tour.



Speak Out Loud! Student Museum Guiding (currently available only in Mandarin)

Students’ presentation and language skills are honed as they train as guides. After the workshop, participants will be equipped to guide their peers around the galleries during learning journeys at the museum.

Secondary - Anglican High

12 hours
2 full days, from 9am to 4.30pm
Suitable for: All secondary levels (13 to 17 years old)
$1,200 for every 15 students

Please complete this school booking form and email us at nhb_acm_edu@nhb.edu.sg to book this workshop.

ART|FACTS: An Art Jamming Workshop for Art Students
ACM invites all art students to participate in our ART|FACTS workshop, a 5–6 session intensive workshop under the mentorship of a local artist. Students will learn about challenges and rewards in the arts industry, and discover new ways of generating ideas to help build their portfolio.

Art Facts

Learn about craftsmanship and stories of Asia through a guided tour of the galleries where you will hear about the art of the past. Draw on your personal experiences, make art inspired by our collection, and stand a chance to exhibit the artworks as a group.

Day(s): Twice per week on weekdays
Time(s): Over a period of 15 hours
Workshop Duration: Approx. 2.5 to 3 hours per workshop. Available in November 2019
Suitable for: Art students from JCs or tertiary institutions (17 and up)
Participants per session: min 10 and max 25 pax
Fees: $25 per student

Please complete this school booking form and email us at nhb_acm_edu@nhb.edu.sg to book this workshop.


Be our collaborator today!

Collaboration with Lasalle

Every year, the Audience Team at ACM collaborates with students from tertiary institutions and art schools for special projects. Recent collaborations include inviting LASALLE’s dance students to perform for ACM After Dark in 2018 and Light to Night 2019, and students from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts who designed an outdoor installation for Light to Night 2019. Additionally, the ACM trains students to facilitate school programmes and tours. Students from Temasek Polytechnic’s Fashion & Design school facilitated an inclusive camp in June 2019, and students from Hwa Chong Institution (JC) continually volunteer to guide at ACM for a variety of age groups.

Should you be interested in a collaboration with us, please email our education team and your e-mail will be forwarded to the relevant manager in-charge.