6 Apr 2019

10 am - 12 nn


Demo Room

Asian Civilisations Museum


$30.00 per pax, limited to 15 slots. Register at https://betterthanfiction.eventbrite.com



Travel writing, narrative history, memoir, and biography – creative non-fiction (also known as narrative non-fiction) takes many forms, but they all rest on the idea of forging a driving, readable narrative from factual source material.

This in-depth workshop with award-winning travel and history writer Tim Hannigan (author of Murder in the Hindu Kush, Raffles and the British Invasion of Java, and A Brief History of Indonesia) will delve into the forms and functions of creative non-fiction, giving insights into how to turn the raw material – ranging from personal experience to historical data – into “a good read”. With case studies and practical exercises, we’ll look at ways to deploy the storytelling techniques of fiction – atmosphere, tension, characterisation, and more – when working with factual material to create narratives that grab hold of their readers and don’t let go. If you’ve ever considered writing a travelogue, a memoir, a work of reportage, a biography, or a popular history book, this workshop will be of great value.

About the speaker
Tim Hannigan is a British author and academic. He was born in Cornwall in the far west of the UK, and was formerly based in Indonesia. He now divides his time between Ireland and England, but is still a regular visitor to Southeast Asia. He is the author of several narrative history books, including Raffles and the British Invasion of Java, which won the 2012 John Brooks Award, and the bestselling A Brief History of Indonesia. He is currently based at the University of Leicester, where he is completing a PhD focused on ethical issues in contemporary travel literature.

Image: On the road. Image courtesy of Tim Hannigan.


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